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Electronic harassment, gang stalking and target individuals

Electronic harassment and gang stalking is the cruel reality of today`s life. Special services are engaged in pititerror in conjunction with special departments of the police and criminals for illegal and illegal programs of extrajudicial prosecution. The goals are different: military medical experiments, selection of property, revenge, entertainment. First of all, people secretly and without their consent experience the latest technology of wave action on the body, with which you can cause illness, any emotional state and even control behavior. State organized structures are equipped with everything necessary for total control and conducting experiments on any person, and complete lack of control, mutual responsibility and the integration of law enforcement agencies with criminals allow the organizers of the electronic harassment and gang stalking to torture and destroy the best people in society with impunity.


Electronic harassment and gang stalking is an ongoing moral terror based on constant secret surveillance and the use of black methods of oppressing personality, psychotronic and psychotropic drugs against “target people”. Psiterror was developed by ideologists and strategists from masons - for the possibility of changing human qualities, human robotization, changing consciousness, memory, thinking, values, emotional and spiritual spheres, invading personal and intimate life, and for complete submission through zombie, intimidation, hypnosis and wave impact. The global goal is the creation of remotely controlled office zombie people, and the destruction of unwanted and superfluous groups of people, and even nations.

Electronic assaults and gang stalking is an integral part of the world experiments organized by the CIA and secret services of most countries of the world. As conceived by the world government, in the very near future, all people should be monitored and controlled from satellites and mobile communications towers. Full information about each person, remotely scanned and transmitted through built-in implants and nanochips, should be stored in a global database, and absolutely everything should be processed and recorded: actions, conversations, movements, thoughts, plans, and even dreams. To do this, electronic passports are massively introduced in all countries, and children are secretly chipped directly in maternity hospitals at birth. MIND CONTROL (consciousness control) technologies have been developed by scientists under the guidance of secret services and the military for more than 100 years, and are closed from the world by a stamp of strict secrecy. With the breakthrough in computer and nanotechnology, the implementation of the project on global control of the mind began to accelerate - military departments and special services, in collaboration with hundreds of universities and research centers, conduct secret experiments on hundreds of thousands of people around the world - on remote sensing and illegal intrusion into their brains. Targeted individuals are harassed, tortured and maimed for testing and debugging artificial intelligence, transhumanism and social engineering programs, as well as new varieties of psychotronic weapons and psychotropic drugs. The final preparations are being made for the mass connection of people to the world computer, where, as on the Internet of things, every person (and in fact a biorobot) will be controlled from a world or regional center via satellites and ubiquitously deployed "mobile communications" towers. BILLIONS of dollars are allocated for experiments that make the whole world in the very near future under total control.

Electronic harassment and organized stalking is experiments, first of all, on selected, moral and educated people who are the most difficult to criminal zombies and remote submission. A secret war is going on against them all over the planet (in the first place), as against potential disagreements with future changes that could prevent globalists from destroying human values, Christianity, goodness and human nature itself. A new model of a digital person has been prepared and is being quietly tested. It is a disempowered, controlled and controlled biological creature, limited in all possible rights and freedoms. People under psychiterror are experimental and test samples of such a model, or victims of the psychotronic banditry of those structures that are involved in the preparation of a new world order.

Post-Soviet special services, including secretly turned over by foreigners, they earn a lot of money on the provision of services for the organization and support of electronic harassment and gang stalking. Decent, healthy and thinking people gather in catalogs or so-called terrorist lists with "potential enemies of the system" that are being developed or offered to Western customers, and then illegal experiments are secretly conducted on them. Children and adolescents are also in demand, as the most malleable for psychotronic treatments and zombies. In addition, owning virtually absolute weapons, special services and criminal police gangs eliminate the unwanted, take away property and business, and simply have fun, betting on people. The banal gangster persecution of a person is based on a huge international network of secret agents - wherever he is. Lists of target people for repression and elimination are compiled by special services departments (heirs of the NKVD) to combat objectionable systems - extremists, dissenters, activists, dissidents, etc. These lists include children, pensioners, old people, women, creative intelligentsia, former communists, military ... Scum in uniform needs performance indicators, bonuses, a luxurious life, and increasing funding from the country`s budget. Even objectionable or intractable prosecutors, generals, ministers and deputies can be added to the lists ... There are many precedents in history when special services controlled by world freemasonry eliminated even their presidents.

Exposure of people from houses, cars and backpacks. Electronic harassment against target individualsNumerous fascist programs for invading the human brain and experiments on consciousness were actively carried out under Hitler, as well as in the 20th century in many developed countries, among which the most famous is MKULTRA (Mind Control Ultra). Governments have always wanted to know the thoughts of ordinary citizens and, moreover, to manage them. For this, sophisticated methods of controlling the mind, brainwashing, zombies, synthetic telepathy, hypnosis and erasing memory were developed. The global goal of world power is to reduce the population to one billion. At the same time, 99% of people should become service and robotic people serving the caste of the elect, and all of humanity should move into a new, digital era of transhumanism (the scientific name for Satanism).

The secret services are engaged in the implementation of these insidious plans - the legalized world mafia that controls all the advanced technologies and the entire world’s population through its agents, and is specially classified for secret and criminal operations, including: local wars, economic crises, “terrorist acts”, shifts regimes, technological disasters, etc. All special services are controlled by Masons and Satanic sects, which include members of the world government. On Christians, moral people, and any objectionable, a zombie army of spies is being trained, psychotronic weapons, hypnosis and black magic are actively involved. Satanists also need low-frequency vibrations of fear and suffering of victims and their crippled souls.

Remote reading of thoughts and emotional states - these are secret technologies that special services have been practicing and using for decades. Including electronic harassment is built upon them when the victim is torn off the psyche and demonstrated that they know everything about her, reading all thoughts and intentions directly from the brain centers. However, victims, like experimental rats, are needed for more advanced goals and experiments. All the actions and thoughts of the victims of electronic assaults and gang stalking are monitored, read and digitized to create patterns and patterns for influencing people of different types and social groups. Victims are terrorized, immersed in negative, trying to embitter and lead to inappropriate actions or crimes. The purpose of inhuman experiments is to digitize a person’s internal transition from a good and calm essence to an evil, aggressive and vicious, then to project and impose the created prototypes on entire groups of people using torsion and psychotronic technologies. Hence there are already so many inexplicable crimes in the world, including committed by minors. The earth is preparing to live according to the laws of Satan, where there will be no place for good and moral people, for this, under the control of special services and special police departments (which are also processed and zombied), teenagers are criminalized, propaganda of permissiveness, sex, drugs, etc. Moral generations should remain in the past. That is why there are so many family members of former communists, military personnel, and law enforcement agencies among the victims of the electronic harassment. The new reality presupposes a departure from family values, and for this purpose, secret services massively apply the technologies of family breakdown and separation of people. Unwanted is always easier to destroy one by one. Around the world, people are everywhere and secretly irradiated, and there is a wave of total inciting of a zombie and criminal "cattle" to thinking, intelligent and moral people who can resist the new order.

Gang stalking methods include: invading all spheres of life, spreading rumors and gossip and total blackening (the main satanic weapon is a lie), constant interference with work, undermining health, damage to property, theft of information, deprivation of livelihood, destruction of personal and family life, intimidation and suppression of will, complete discrimination of the individual. As already mentioned above, the pursuit and secret experiments are also carried out with the aim of developing patterns for eliminating, isolating or correcting individuals from similar social groups.

Large groups of people are involved in electronic harassment and gang stalking - for the most part completely random, who, unlike the organizers, are not aware of the true goals and scope of the terror against the designated victims. The main task is the destruction of a specific person or group of people by daily and systematic undermining of health - mental (through organized stalking) and physical (through radiation). Electromagnetic and torsion fields, sound generators and microwave radiation are classified technologies that are used by special services and gangs to clean up society, experiment and select material goods. The use of psycho-physical weapons is a crime that has not yet been spelled out in criminal codes, since non-contact methods of terror and elimination are used against victims, which are extremely difficult to track and prove.

Electronic harassment and gang stalking - PSITERROR.ORGThe main types of radiation used are ultrasound, infrasound, electromagnetic waves and microwave radiation. All types of human exposure are hazardous to health, although they are considered non-lethal weapons. The most dangerous of all is microwave irradiation, in which the body undergoes irreversible changes with the provocation of cancer. It all depends on the power, frequency and duration of the sessions. With a large dose and narrowly targeted microwave exposure (on the heart, for example), a person can be killed.

Wave weapons destroy the best people and active fighters against injustice and the regime of power: comedian Mikhail Zadornov, scientist Nikolai Levashov, Hugo Chavez, Rauni Kilde, and other no less famous personalities. In the office of Russian President Yeltsin, a hidden generator was also discovered at one time, which suppressed the will and undermined the health of the leader of the nation. All this is done by special services, which are often not controlled by the authorities and can themselves organize regime and leader changes. Secret services are the main agents of the ideas of Freemasons and the world government, hiding behind the ideas of the fight against terrorism and national security, all over the world massively carry out secret operations on wave action with all sectors of society - from homeless people to members of governments. The global goal is the world domination of the elite, the golden billion and the silent destruction of vast masses of people.

The human body can be compared with a receiving and transmitting radio, in which the brain, heart and other organs have their own oscillation frequency. If special waves of certain frequencies are applied to a person, they will enter into resonance or suppress the natural frequencies of the body. All emotions and human states also have their own frequencies. Special services, gangs and military departments have and secretly use in public emitting equipment, which, depending on the selected frequencies directed at a person, can cause fear, panic, happiness, tenderness, despair, anger, cause colds, headaches or heartaches, colic, sneezing, bloating, pain of other organs. You can also increase body temperature, cause a runny nose, cramps, urination, sexual arousal, hunger. But most importantly, you can lower the body`s natural frequencies to the point where a person develops cancer or dies. Such a psychotronic effect can make any healthy person sick, balanced - crazy, bold - coward, good - evil and aggressive. With all this secret arsenal the military and special services around the world are having fun, chasing people for psychotronic experiments and torture. When a person is happy and happy, he radiates high frequencies. The task of world satanic power is to reduce the frequencies of people to the lowest - the frequencies of fear, anxiety, disease and death. All this is planned to be done in the very near future with the help of towers of "mobile communications" and 5G technology.

To work out the removal of those unwanted by the system and potential leaders, as well as to increase the effectiveness of exposure of experimental victims, gangstalking was invented - group persecution and bullying, sophisticated breakdown of the nervous system, blackening and complete isolation from society. Daily moral terror leads a person into chronic stress to weaken immunity and resistance to radiation and zombies, as well as to provoke mental illness. The breakdown of the psyche involves placement in a psychiatric clinic - to further undermine already physical health and test new psychotropic drugs, toxins, heavy metals, radionuclides, drugs, etc., experiments with the body make a person become a limp “meat doll”, with which they do anything, after which they quietly clean up the waste material, stabbing them to death with injections. If any designated victim cannot be placed in a psychiatric clinic, then agents and gangstalkers have to run after her, poison with gases and irradiate "on the go", including from called irradiation machines. In parallel with this, there is a covert monitoring of the state of health through the biofield. The world government needs new, quiet and effective methods of drastically reducing the population and eliminating individuals who are thinking and dangerous to the regime.

In order to reduce people without their direct destruction, which is extremely difficult to do immediately with 7 billion people, it was developed including 5G technology, the task of which is to expose people to sterilize them in future generations. Generations of people living at the present time will die out, and new ones simply should not be born. For this, chemical trails are sprayed, GMOs are added to products, and people from mobile communication towers are irradiated. 5G has a huge bandwidth and will quietly kill with its electromagnetic field and directional frequencies, including for reading information from people and managing their conditions. But the main goal is sterilization through a deadly effect on the DNA responsible for the reproduction of offspring.

Protests against electronic harassment and gang stalking around the world, including in the form of billboards in cities - PSITERROR.ORGThe media are forbidden to raise the topic of electronic harassment, the police are forbidden to deal with cases related to electronic harassment and persecution. There is a total bullying. Those who disobey are also "put on the computer" and begin to be persecuted, or quickly and ruthlessly destroyed. The tactics of the organizers of the psychotronic concentration camp are to divide, slander, bleed and kill. With the help of Masonic methods of bribery, influence and making senior officials of various levels (up to the highest) dependent, the power passes to bought, corrupt and obedient officials and bosses who, for generous gifts, implement the plans of psychotronic executioners or cover up their crimes, according to naivety believing that their turn will never come. Ideologists and strategists of the new world order are embodying the doctrine of psychotronic warfare, in which people are destroyed secretly and individually, under the guise of natural deaths, and any protests and panic in society must be instantly suppressed. With such sophisticated methods and wave action, it is planned to clear the planet from unnecessary people. Initially, people of the analytical mindset, moral and spiritual, are eliminated as the main obstacle to the implementation of the satanic plans of the psychotronic mafia. As a rule, victims for many years do not even suspect interference in their lives and in their bodies. The short-sighted and poorly educated people do not believe in psychoterror and radiation, and do not even allow the thought that someone can secretly maim and irradiate them. Such people get sick and die, they are diagnosed with terrible diseases, families are suddenly destroyed, incomprehensible problems arise at work and in communicating with people, but they, like zombies, do not even want to hear about the artificial origin of their problems. Especially pensioners naively think that the system needs them and firmly believe that the system wants to pay them pensions up to 100 years. This part of the population is zombified by television and ideologists from special services that control all state propaganda.

However, the world has already realized the threat. On the Internet every day there are data on more and more new crimes in all countries and on all continents. There are already millions of victims of electronic assaults and mind control. From satellites and special control centers, people`s brains break open like a computer - to read thoughts and impose suppressed states, and sensors are connected to the visual centers of target people to see with their eyes. And all this is not fiction, but for decades, military technologies hidden from the world, which are meanly tested on people without their consent and knowledge. People are crippled, zombied and destroyed. Rallies and protests against inhuman experiences and electronic repression take place around the world. The entire progressive public requires governments to pass laws prohibiting invasion of the human brain and psychotronic fascism.

THE ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT`S GOAL IS TO STUDY, DIGIT, AND DESTROY THE SOUL AS THE DIVINE BASIS OF HUMAN. The inhabitants of the Earth want to stifle and robotic. Therefore, for starters, the most difficult to process - light, kind and capable of great emotional outbursts - are pursued as tests. It is on them that they try to unravel the formula of spirituality, will and conscience. After a long electronic harassment and gang stalking, the souls of such people are literally devastated - they cease to enjoy life, cannot experience real emotions, create and feel the fullness of life. It is demons that make bright people hellish torments on Earth and deprive them of their freedom, love and happiness. The same thing will be done with everyone. The soul is also vibration and frequency. With the help of wave invasion and through 5G, people will suppress these frequencies and literally burn out souls. Therefore, salvation must also be sought in God and in the Church.

The problem of wave radiation and electronic harassment and gang stalking is not discussed in the news, since no one should know about “magic” weapons, scary methods of zombies, radiation and criminalization of society. The purpose of this site is to convey the truth to people. Copy and distribute information. The more people will know what is happening, the faster it will be possible to force the authorities to stop these crimes. Tell us about what you know. If you are a victim of electronic assaults, report it to the world, specify the organizers and performers. The impending evil can only be defeated together. People should know what awaits them, and must defend their right to life. Salvation in uniting and taking joint action. First of all, we need laws on the prohibition of wave and psychotronic weapons and their strict enforcement. Take care of yourself!

PSITERROR.ORG - a website for the Russian-speaking world about electronic harassment and gang stalkind in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus...
Electronic harassment and gang stalking in Russian short called "PSITERROR" (psychotronic terror and psychological terror).
Here`s a machine translation into English. Translate other pages using the built-in Google Chrome translator.
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Electronic harassment, gang stalking and target individuals

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